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DarkHorse Ranch is proud to present the first annual DarkHorse Ranch Precision Rifle Shoot to be held at the Dark Horse Training Center (DHTC) in Northern New Mexico, a long-range shooter's paradise. A portion of the proceeds raised from this event will be donated to a Marine Raiders non profit foundation to support their mission of caring for our brothers and sisters well after the fighting is over. The Darkhorse Ranch Precision Rifle Shoot will consist of a one-day precision rifle match. In association with Asymmetric Solutions and Talons Reach Foundation, this event aims to bring shooters from around the United States to neutral ground for a memorable long-range shooting experience. This event is for those that enjoy long-range precision shooting and want to test their skills against PRS, NRL, Military & Law Enforcement shooters. It does not matter if you are a Hunter, a recreational shooter, or are new to the long-range community. This event is geared toward you and is guaranteed to take your skills to the next level.


The DarkHorse Ranch Precision Rifle Shoot will be a high-tempo course of fire with minimal “downtime” between stages. Shooters can expect 8-12 stages with targets ranging anywhere from 300m-1200m. Targets will consist of steel. The target size will also vary based on the course of fire and the time allotted. Shooters can expect stages that present challenges ranging from timed events, shooting from barricades, natural terrain features, where shooters will be required to change positions multiple times. All scores will be verified in a balanced and fair manner. The competition requires 100-120 rounds for the entire course of fire regardless of the division. However, calibers to the tactical division will be restricted to the following calibers: 5.56, .308 and .300 WinMag. ​There will NOT be time to leave the DHTC during the event. Local services are 15-30 minutes away, so please bring everything you need. If you are not sure, do not hesitate to reach out for suggestions. Lunch and refreshments will not be provided, we highly recommend that shooters bring an individual water source they can refill. Refreshments include water, Gatorade, snacks and will be available throughout the day. Be advised, even during the late summer months in Northern NM, it can be hot. We suggest that shooters start their hydration process 24 hours in advance of the event date.


7:00 - 7:30AM

ZERO & TRAIN UP                                                                        

Shooters are welcome stop in Friday, the day before the match, there will be a designated area to Zero & Train Up on a few steel targets. Asymmetric Solutions staff will designate a shooting lane for data confirmation and the opportunity for shooters to confirm data. All targets on the range will be available for shooters that want to bust the rust, at no time will any shooter be allowed to depart the designated ZERO & Train Up range to try and get eyes on any of the stages. All shooters are required to sign in before engaging any targets. Match books will be handed out upon completion of the Train Up.  The opportunity to ZERO & Train Up will go from 7am to 5pm on the Friday before the match.




Registration & Squadding

Registration will be done on a transparent, first come first served basis through Practiscore; the match will be limited to 50 competitors. To secure a place, shooters must register online since no other form of registration or payment will be accepted. Once registration is complete you will receive a confirmation email/receipt. Registration payments are nonrefundable and only transferable with a 14-day notice. Once the match is full, the site will no longer take registrations. If you want to be put on the waitlist, send an email to DHTCLRInfo@asusa1.com Wait listed shooters will be contacted when places open. Squadding will be done through Practiscore, however, Saturday morning Shooters will have an opportunity to squad. Please contact DHTCLRInfo@asusa1.com for any questions related to the match. All registration payments are nonrefundable and under no circumstances can be transferred to a future competition. Shooters should not register unless they intend to shoot the match. If a shooter desires to sell their entry fee, they must contact DHTCLRInfo@asusa1.com with a replacement name and email 14-days before the ZERO & Train Up day. Any exchanges past this date will not be permitted.





         Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa  


50 Los Banos Drive, Ojo Caliente, NM 87549

                       Ohkay Hotel & Casino
                877.747.1668 / 505.747.1668

68 New Mexico 291 Ohkay Owingeh, New Mexico 87566

                            Taos Trail Inn

35309 US Hwy 285, Ojo Caliente, NM 87549


There will be on-site camping, however, there is no power or water. (No cost, must reserve a spot)

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